Athlete Nation | Our Mission
Athlete Nation is a sports media company unleashing the power of stories in sports.
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Our Mission

To spark a change in perspective through the power of stories in sports.

Who we are

Athlete Nation is a sports media organization unleashing the power of stories in sports. We create game-changing campaigns for brands and professional athletes through cinematic, powerful, and authentic storytelling.

Meet The Team

Hunter Radenslaben

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As the self-proclaimed best athlete on the team, Hunter is the founder and CEO of Athlete Nation. Whether he's in or out of the office, you can catch him watching ESPN or aggressively competing in fantasy football.

Nate Olsen

Chief Operating Officer

With experience working for the Huskers before creating his own creative agency, Nate's wizard abilities with a camera in addition to his business expertise help him oversee our team. Plus, his love for kale smoothies is unmatched.

Alex Rapp

Business Development Director

As the only Ukulele player on the team, Alex brings his experience in crafting great business opportunities, developing creative solutions, and partaking in a little design & video on the side. Being a gear-head himself, he will be happy to talk about cars for “fill-in how long you want to talk about cars”.

Tyler Webb

Digital Media Director

After several years of running social media accounts both big and small, Tyler now manages and markets the content that Athlete Nation shares with thousands of people every day. Always a competitor, you can find Tyler playing to win in the recreational softball circuits or as a coach of the local little league team when he’s away from the screen.

Will Stone

Feature Writer

Will is our writer, and a dang good one, too. His passion for making a difference and helping others is what inspires him to write. Will's a follower of Christ, a major sports fan, and an enjoyer of pickup basketball.

Mitch Fisher

Campus Ambassador Intern

As a Marketing major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Mitch's entrepreneurial spirit has been apparent since 7th grade. Over the years he's created various social media accounts promoting positivity and even had the opportunity to present at Twitter's HQs.

Aaron Housenga

Podcast Host Intern

As a student at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Aaron's passion from playing sports in high school led him to his love for sports talk.

Will Bauer

Podcast Host Intern

A native of Hawley, Minnesota, Will brings his love for talking sports to our podcast. When he's not recording a show, he's generally glued to a screen watching a sporting event of some kind.