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Athlete Nation is a sports media company unleashing the power of stories in sports.
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Our Story

Our Story

After losing his mother to cancer in 2013, CEO & Founder Hunter Radenslaben used sports as an outlet for grief and found solace in the stories of other athletes overcoming adversity in their own lives. At 12 years old, Hunter felt compelled to bring that same inspiration to the sports community, creating Athlete Nation as a Twitter account in 2012.


Seven years later, Athlete Nation is a sports media company helping athletes, brands, and athletic programs share stories that matter. With a social media platform of over 90,000 followers, a headquarters in the heart of downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, and a team of expert storytellers that have worked for some of the top brands, media outlets, and athletic programs in the country, we pride ourselves in being at the leading edge of marketing.

The Mission

To spark a change in perspective through the power of stories in sports.